Thick2Thin Converter

Automated conversion of Thick Clients to Thin Clients utilizing Batch, PowerShell, Dell Wyze Converter, and WinPE.

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Project Overview

During an Internship, I was assigned with the task of re-imaging, then converting 60+ Thick Clients to Thin Clients. I immediately began teaching myself how to automate it. Automating one task at a time, I figured out how to script the entire re-imaging process using Batch and WinPE. However, the conversion part took some deep digging through multiple forums as not much documentation was provided by DELL regarding this.
After about a week, I had successfully automated the entire process including some aspects that were not able to be done manually!

    The Re-Imaging script performed the following tasks:
  • • Format existing drives
  • • Create new partitions
  • • Create a bootable partition
  • • Install custom Disk Image
  • • Change Device Name to the current Dell Service Tag
  • • Request to join the company domain
  • • Upload .txt file to NAS containing the Service Tag letting SysAd know that it is waiting on Domain approval
  • • Update custom apps that were installed within the image
  • • Delete unnecessary files that were needed for imaging
  • • Run Windows Updates
  • • Continue to restart, checking each time if any DellCommand or Windows Updates are available.
  • • When none are available, the Converter script is ran.

    The Converter script performed the following tasks:
  • • Silently Install Dell Wyse Converter
  • • Install VMware Horizon Client
  • • Configure System Preferences + Peripherals
  • • Configures Wyze Group Key
  • • Configures Horizon Connection Server
  • • Enrolls device into WMS
  • • Sends Device ID to network drive to notify SysAd it is ready to be accepted in WMS
  • • Restarts once device accepted to pull updates

  • While I was the sole author of this script, I created it during company time therefore I will not be making the source code publicly available.

Tools Used

Active Directory