Zachary Henard
Zachary Henard

Thick Client Migrator

Two scripts using (Batch & PowerShell) to migrate employees from Thick Clients to Thin Clients. Between both scripts, 13 tasks are automated.

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Project Overview

During an internship, I was assigned the task of migrating employees from Thick Clients to Thin Clients. After two or three times of manual migration, I knew that there had to be a way of automating this. Learning how to automate one task at a time, I eventually automated the entire process. Teaching myself Batch and Powershell along the way!

After some debugging, the scripts were stored on a NAS and the paths were added to users login script, completely removing the need for human intervention.

    The scripts performed the following tasks:
  • • Store paths of Users Map Drives
  • • Generate custom login script to be utilized by Thin Client
  • • Upload the login script to NAS
  • • Export 3 browsers bookmarks
  • • Empty user's recycling bin
  • • Convert & Compress user's certificates into .PFX format
  • • Compress files that are incompatible with OneDrive
  • • Export Outlook Signatures
  • • Export Excel Macros
  • • Import browser bookmarks into Thin Client
  • • Decompress the files that were incompatible with OneDrive
  • • Import Outlook Signatures

  • While I was the sole author of this script, I created it during company time therefore I will not be making the source code publicly available.

Tools Used

Active Directory